Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cranberry of the Day October 2012

Cranberry of the Day: Panoramic shot at the beach today!

Cranberry of the Day:
The kids are growing quickly! The Canine Companions for Independence “E” Litter is already 5 ½ weeks old! Check them out on Livestream:

Cranberry of the Day #2:My son Andy turned 15 today and my daughter, who's away at college, posted a trip down memory lane as her status. It's nice to see they love and miss each other! I'm so proud of both of them. Happy Birthday Andy!

Cranberry of the Day: Go Giants!

Cranberry of the Day: Go Niners!

Cranberry of the Day: My student, Lisa, presented this study on Happy's recovery at a science conference last weekend. Good job Lisa!

 Cranberry of the Day: Trying to grade assignments, but my thoughts keep drifting to: "he actually jumped off a hay truck to come talk to me!" A's for everyone!

Cranberry of the Day: This one will last awhile: at the Pumpkin Festival Parade in Half Moon Bay, Steve Young JUMPED off his "float" to come talk to me and sign my shirt!

 Cranberry of the Day: Video features National Marine Life Center in Cape Cod. Exec Director Kathy Z was on the Board of SF Cetacean Society before she moved East. She's doing an AWESOME job!

Cranberry of the Day: Bike ride to the beach. What did YOU do today?

Cranberry of the Day: Bring Your Own Cranberries! BYOC! I think it'll catch on!

Cranberry of the Day: It pays to be a smart invertebrate with lots of arms. Check this out!

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