Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cranberry of the Day August 2012

Cranberry of the Day: I got a lead for a speaking gig on GigSalad. To see my profile, go to

Cranberry of the Day: Whenever I ride my trike, I love seeing the surprised look on people's faces as I ride by. Today, I saw the cutest look of surprise on a DOG!

Cranberry of the Day: had dinner with my sister and her family as she moves her son here to attend UC Berkeley!

Cranberry of the Day: Carolyn's comment on my timeline!
"I've always admired Shari's intelligence and spunk both before and after her surgery. She does make me wonder if I have the same fortitude inside me to handle life's twists and turns as she has. Keep on truckin', Shari."

Cranberry of the Day: My class that was almost cancelled two weeks ago because it only had 2 students now has 36! School starts Monday!

Cranberry of the Day: Couldn't make it up a hill I've gone up 100 times cuz I was in the wrong gear! A nice man got out of his truck and gave me a boost. Thank you, kind stranger!

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