Saturday, October 27, 2012

About cranberries:

I haven’t posted a new blog in a long time, but I have been updating a feature on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Cranberry of the Day posts offer something positive that either happened in my life, something good I did, something funny I saw, or a piece of good luck that came my way. Cranberries range from a passing thought that can bring a smile to my face to an amazing encounter with Steve Young! My Cranberry of the Day posts have been updated fairly regularly in 2012 (no, not EVERY day!), and I am sharing them all with you here. Each month of Cranberry of the Day posts in 2012 is seen as a separate entry on this blog.  As you look at these, I urge you to remember your own cranberries. Sometimes, you have to be willing to look for them and accept them.

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Cranberry of the Day October 2012

Cranberry of the Day: Panoramic shot at the beach today!

Cranberry of the Day:
The kids are growing quickly! The Canine Companions for Independence “E” Litter is already 5 ½ weeks old! Check them out on Livestream:

Cranberry of the Day #2:My son Andy turned 15 today and my daughter, who's away at college, posted a trip down memory lane as her status. It's nice to see they love and miss each other! I'm so proud of both of them. Happy Birthday Andy!

Cranberry of the Day: Go Giants!

Cranberry of the Day: Go Niners!

Cranberry of the Day: My student, Lisa, presented this study on Happy's recovery at a science conference last weekend. Good job Lisa!

 Cranberry of the Day: Trying to grade assignments, but my thoughts keep drifting to: "he actually jumped off a hay truck to come talk to me!" A's for everyone!

Cranberry of the Day: This one will last awhile: at the Pumpkin Festival Parade in Half Moon Bay, Steve Young JUMPED off his "float" to come talk to me and sign my shirt!

 Cranberry of the Day: Video features National Marine Life Center in Cape Cod. Exec Director Kathy Z was on the Board of SF Cetacean Society before she moved East. She's doing an AWESOME job!

Cranberry of the Day: Bike ride to the beach. What did YOU do today?

Cranberry of the Day: Bring Your Own Cranberries! BYOC! I think it'll catch on!

Cranberry of the Day: It pays to be a smart invertebrate with lots of arms. Check this out!

Cranberry of the Day September 2012

Cranberry of the Day: Future Assistance Puppy!
Mama Taya (with puppy Emma) is a natural!

Cranberry of the Day: Happy Rosh Hashanah (New Year)!

Cranberry of the Day: Today in the gym, Chip had me jump on the mini-trampoline WHILE clapping in rhythm. Jumping without hanging on was challenging, but fun! The aide behind me had the unenviable task of NOT letting me fall!

Cranberry of the Day August 2012

Cranberry of the Day: I got a lead for a speaking gig on GigSalad. To see my profile, go to

Cranberry of the Day: Whenever I ride my trike, I love seeing the surprised look on people's faces as I ride by. Today, I saw the cutest look of surprise on a DOG!

Cranberry of the Day: had dinner with my sister and her family as she moves her son here to attend UC Berkeley!

Cranberry of the Day: Carolyn's comment on my timeline!
"I've always admired Shari's intelligence and spunk both before and after her surgery. She does make me wonder if I have the same fortitude inside me to handle life's twists and turns as she has. Keep on truckin', Shari."

Cranberry of the Day: My class that was almost cancelled two weeks ago because it only had 2 students now has 36! School starts Monday!

Cranberry of the Day: Couldn't make it up a hill I've gone up 100 times cuz I was in the wrong gear! A nice man got out of his truck and gave me a boost. Thank you, kind stranger!

Cranberry of the Day July 2012

Cranberry of the Day: May I just say: Phew!

Cranberry of the Day: commemorating July 26. Six years ago today, I had a brain tumor removed, with unexpected results. It was unknown whether I would breathe, eat, walk, talk, drive, or work again. Fast-forward to today. I am doing all of those things PLUS planning to ride a 16-mile bike-a-thon this Saturday!

Cranberry of the Day: Did the uphill switchbacks as practice today. Did it with Nick's help!

Cranberry of the Day: Check out Team Photo for Giro di Pacifica!

Cranberry of the Day: Great practice ride today! Bike-a-thon next Saturday!

Cranberry of the Day: End of long, dark 2 months! No details, but an evil presence left my home today! I hadn't looked forward to something this much since before my brain surgery!

Cranberry of the Day: Andy found something for me that I'd been looking for for a month!

Cranberry of the Day June 2012

Cranberry of the Day: My new motto: Strive to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE!

Cranberry of the Day: I was accepted by @Canine Companions for Independence to get a service dog!

Cranberry of the Day: Had fun being silly with my kids at Baskin Robbins!

Cranberry of the Day: I'm thinking of entering a bike-a-thon fundraiser! See

Cranberry of the Day: Remember that being a "victim" is a state of mind!

Cranberry of the Day: Rode my trike to the beach today, read a book for awhile, then rode home!