Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cranberry of the Day April 2012

Tough week last week, summed up with three letters:D-M-V. More this week!I was thinking that all my cranberries had dried up! But then they'd be craisins! That made me laugh, so my cranberry of the day us that in the midst of a DMV nightmare, I can make myself laugh!

Cranberry of the Day: happy (my doggie) had knee surgery today and he is home and on the road to recovery!

Cranberry of the Day: Chip made me jump up onto a box today. One of those things I think will be impossible, but try it anyway. Kinda fun!

Cranberry of the Day: went for long "trike" rides last two evenings. Uphill's tough, but dooming downhill is awesome! Click like if you too have the "need for speed!"

Cranberry of the Day: Abby chose UC Davis! Closer to home!

Cranberry of the Day: Andy finally got his braces on-he's on his way to perfect teeth!

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